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Planet Rok

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Planet Rok
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A New Photography Monograph


Planet Rok”, a special monograph project on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Rokus Klett Publishing, follows the tradition of the publisher’s superbly designed and technically perfected monograph editions (awarded with Gourmand Awards, awards for the most beautiful books and others).

At first glance, the cover of the monograph, bound in white canvas with a special 3D folio print and wrapped in a world map, creates the impression that the 3D globe protrudes from the book’s surface. Photographs with captions preserve this unusual impression from the first to the very last page, showing the world in a multidimensional way – with its pleasant sides and extremes.

All of these have been captured through the camera lens by Rok Kvaternik, an insatiably curious photographer, traveller and publisher. Any yet, his photographs are not just pictures from near and far. They also convey thoughts and feelings, especially an almost tangible and contagious enthusiasm for the world.

The photographic walk through more than 100 countries is spiced up with short stories about meetings with 15 remarkable people, such as Japanese Princess Hisako Takemado, a Maasai warrior and Dr Robert Ballard, who discovered the Titanic shipwreck as a “side effect” while searching for a missing submarine.

The monograph will delight all fans of beautiful books as well as lovers of travel and photography. It is also suitable as a gift!

  • 194 photographs with captions
  • 104 destinations around the world
  • 15 short stories of encounters with remarkable people
  • Carefully selected hotel and restaurant recommendations
  • Hints for unique experiences for everyone – from unforgettable train trips, dives and helicopter or balloon flights to cruises and musical feasts at jazz festivals…
  • 328 pages (2.5 kg)

The monograph is wrapped in a world map with marked destinations.

  • Photographs and text Rok Kvaternik
  • Design Žare Kerin
  • Editor Dr Marija Javornik
  • Photography editor Arne Hodalič
  • Reviewer Dr Karel Natek

Format 24 x 32 cm, hard cover in white canvas with 3D folio print.


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